Sunday, March 30, 2008

Charm of a little town - Sg.Lembing

We went to Sg.Lembing for the Ching Ming festival. As you've learnt in Geografi and Sejarah, Sg.Lembing is home to one of the deepest mines in the world, and was a bustling town that brought riches to Malaya in the era of British colonial rule. It is also my father's hometown, and in her golden era there was an estimated 10000 people living there!
First, we scaled up the burial hill to offer prayers to my grandpa. The scenery up the hill is so nice, I snapped a few photos(on the hill, lol). Then, we walked down and crossed a 100-years-old hanging bridge. The bridge was actually destroyed by the recent flood, but the people restored the bridge. The planks and strings are new, but the metal frames are those from the British era. We also saw Father's old house in Java street, behind the house is the Lembing Hill, or in Malay they call as the Bukit Panorama.
On earlier trips, we visited the Muzium Sg.Lembing which is the residence of the General Manager of the tin mine. We also climbed Panching cave or Gua Charas, there is a Buddhist monastery inside. Based on the Travels spread in Star today, which coincidentally featured Sg.Lembing too, there is also a Rainbow Waterfall which is 13km away from the Town Square. A hot spring is 7km away, and some of the tin mines are still open for visitors there. Gunung Tapis is 35km away. We haven't visited these places yet, and I hope to do so someday.
2-day-1-night Sg.Lembing experience, who's interested?

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