Monday, October 13, 2008


Some people call it geckos, house geckos, cicaks...But for me, it's a lizard.

I live in South-East Asia, Malaysia precisely, so these little creatures run around my house often. Actually, my house houses more lizards than other houses in my neighbourhood. I don't know if this is good or bad. My mum told me that the Vasthu Sastra (Indian Feng Shui) guy said that more lizards in your house signifies more prosperity and luck. Maybe he's right, becuase lizards in the house means that there are more leftover food here.
The price for prosperity and luck is that you have lizard poop all over your house! Their poops are easily recognized by a small piece of black rugby-ball shaped mass with a white 'icing'. One guy I knew confessed that he ate a lizard poop before when he was young, thinking it was chocolate. It was rather salty, he said.
You heard of Spiderman, Batman, and otehr animal-man before, but do you ever heard of 'Cicak-man'? This Malaysian movie premiered some years ago, featuring our own superhero, haha. I didn't watch this movie before so I don't know how it goes.

Their poop problem is a headache, but at least they catch flies and mosquitoes with their long tongues. Talk about an environmental friendly pest controller. You can even use their poop to pour onto the flower bed, it's good for your flowers.
Our own superhero? I just hope he wouldn't poop all over the silver screen.

Monday, August 18, 2008

East Coast Trip - Chapter of Kemaman 甘马挽篇

The town of Kemaman is located in the southern tip of the state of Terengganu, a place I frequented on Saturdays a long time ago. You see, once upon a time I lived in Kerteh, but that's another story.

Not enough of yellow noodles? Then try this restaurant which has this soup noodle dish with a special touch, you may get addicted! My mum once introduced this to her friend, and she came twice!

This shop is run by Lan Che (sister Lan, not a nun), you can recognize her with her large spectacles.

When your stomach is full, enjoy the cooling breeze at the 'waterfront' of Kemaman. Take a walk along the side of the river, or just laze on a bench with a bag of duku langsat bought at the nearby market.

Take notice of a large durian around there too.

If you heard of Hai Peng or are a coffee addict, you may want to give it a try too.

East Coast Trip - Chapter of Sungai Lembing 林明篇

This name of Sungai Lembing will sound familiar if you still remember your History and Geography (appplies to Malaysian students only) . Sg Lembing is a former tin mining town which has the deepest tin mine, now closed except for some parts. A sleepy hollow for a while but tours now pours in droves.

Lembing Hill is quite an easy climb and boasts spectacular views. Locals and tourists climb up before dawn to see the sunrise. When you look down from the top of the hill, the parts below are shrouded in mist, and the view looks just right out of a Chinese scenery painting. The sun woke up quite late, and greeted us with its sizzling egg yolk and dazzling sunbeams.

Lembing noodles are the gastro-speciality here, these not-your-typical yellow noodles are not to be missed.

This town also has three hanging bridges, and they are so sturdy locals ride their motorbikes across them!

The tin mine expo site is closed for repairs, but ruins of the "tin refinery" site can be seen. Here lies once a bustling area, producing tin for the early global economy.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Teow Pak Kee

Sorry for no posts recently, been busy with my new project.
Our trainee physics teacher just spent his last day today, we asked him to sing various songs thorughout his class, as today was a replacement school day. Mr.Teow was quite cold at first, but gradually we began to mix and go for outings together. Teaching our class is sure to be an unforgettable experience for him!
One portrait to end this post, and good luck to Mr. Teow in continuing his career as a teacher.

Friday, July 4, 2008


Happiness is
Waking up a little later, because
I knew that I had more sleep

Happiness is
Feeling hot water on my skin, because
I knew that our bills are paid

Happiness is
Walking under cold white lights into 4E, because
I knew that another great day lies ahead

Happiness is
Playing, chatting, fighting and joking with friends, because
I knew that I will never walk alone

Happiness is
Exchanging smiles with my ex-classmates, because
I knew that out friendship has never faded

Happiness is
Chasing the RapidKL bus home, because
I knew that my stamina is still in my veins

Happiness is
Being able to live another day, because
I knew hat more good things are coming
To me.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In Between Darkness

The place was - dark, narrow, hot
The air was - stale, cold, quiet
The people were - frozen, silenced, lifeless...

Warm orange lights
Cast upon cold, frigid bodies
Brought away from home
To a more promising land

In between darkness
I've found my rightful place

Cool winds between my hair
As I settled down
Closed my eyes
And joined the slumber melody
Until a voice called
"Ok, mari Yu Hua"

Welcome to the
World of the morning session school bus

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sights and Sounds : Sabah - Back to Nature!

Although I may not look like it, I'm an ex-kampung boy who appreciates nature, and is kind enough to share some Sabah pics with you 4E guys. When you compile your Sabah research folios, make sure you put my website, in the reference page!
Fate caused rain to damper our Kinabalu National Park trip, so we only went to Poring hot Springs, a 3-hour drive from KK on extremely windy roads. A prominent feature is the canopy walk, not for those who cannot tolerate great heights. The jungle trail to the canopy walk is a long one, but is quite easy and suitable for everyone.

The name Poring is derived from the Kadazan name of bamboo, "poring", which grows quite abundantly here!

This pic is the river of Poring. The untreated water there contains sulphur, so don't dive in, even though it looks inviting!

This is a small town near Mt.Kinabalu. From here, the majestic mountain can be seen. The view of the mountain range is nice too.

A little dose of history: Kinabalu National Park is the 1st World Heritage Site in Malaysia, thanks to the exotic flora and fauna there. Many people, including my aunt ascended Low's Peak and made history for themselves. Beware of taking things from the mountain though, you should have heard of the many lingering stories about it.

One day, I will go to the top of this mountain!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sights and Sounds : Kota Kinabalu

As you all know, Kota Kinabalu is the capital city of Sabah state, near the foot of Mt. Kinabalu (2 hour-drive) and beside the South China Sea.
The place I love most in KK will be the picturesque Waterfront. Sunsets are always glorious and enchanting, right here where the sun meets the sea and the islands and the city. My camera captured these pics in sunset mode.

By day, the tropical breeze is very energizing. By night, the Waterfront will be the place 'to be'.

The sea is my soul, but I have a penchant for hills too. Signal Hill on KK gives breathtaking sights. The hill is a guide for ships to go to the KK city port.

Markets are aplenty here in KK, the most prominent being the Gaya Street Sunday Market. There is also the normal wet & dry markets as well as the Filipino handicraft market. The version of RapidKL in Sabah will be these fleet of "Bas Berhenti-henti".

Stay tuned for the next instalment : Sabah - Back to Nature!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Phantom Of The Sekolah

Bloodshot eyes, half past five,
This is my daily school days rite,
Limbs automated, but
The mind still sleeping,
Breathing through my lifeless body,
Bathing, brushing, cleaning, wearing...
Life's a dream...

Oh what the heck!
Ten minutes to six,
And breakfast still not eaten yet,
Hot Milo rushing down my throat,
Bread in my mouth reaching max load,
What, the bus?!
Damn early it was!
Chomping, rushing, packing, leaving...
Life's a dream...

6:40 in the morning,
To class I was walking,
Body autopilot-ing,
Under cold fluorescent lighting...
"Ladies and gentlemen,
I hereby announce, the arrival of,
The Phantom Of The Sekolah."

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Money Will Keep Rolling In

Everything that happens have a cause. Same goes to the recent petrol price hike.
As we all know, global crude oil prices are soaring crazily until the government cannot keep on with the existing subsidy. That is why they increase the petrol price. However, do not forget that our quality of living has risen too. Forty years ago, few families can afford a car, let alone a television set; compared to now where an average family have 2 cars and 2 TVs. Now, we must pay the price for living lavishly in the old times, where gas was cheap and life was good.
Alas, good times will also end one day. But, do not forget that our economy is going good. The appreciation of our currency value will cushion the effect of the price increases. Poor countries does not stay poor forever, as long as we strive to propel the economy to greater heights.
So, stay at your home and rest, don't join the mad petrol rush tonight, because money will keep rolling in.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

How To Make Fkofong Teh Tarik (Picture Version)

Due to some problems, the pictures are shown somewhere below. Please scroll down to view.

1. Prepare:
6 teabags, condensed milk, boiled water,a steel mug, spoons
2. Boil about 1 litre of water
3. Put teabags into the mug
4. Pour boiling water
into the mug
5. Add condensed milk into the mixture
6. Stir the mixture...
7. ...until it turns into a golden brown colour (something like this) or to taste.
8. Pour the tea into a cup ala mamak style.
9. Enjoy!
10. The End

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Daily Holiday Rite

Late to bed, late to rise,
This is my daily holiday rite,
Waking up when the sun shines bright,
Hitting the bed in the peaceful late night,
Bringing my AdSense account to greater heights,
Watching Code Geass and Higurashi every night,
Playing badminton while basking in the evening sunlight,
Going home while saying goodbye to the moonlight(cos' no star)
Ah, what a life!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another Big Mac Chant

Exam week is over, so we hung out at Metropoint Kajang. we played two rounds of bowling, I got 113 and 93, almost broke my personal record of 118! Then, I ate lunch at Mac, Big Mac + Coke costs only RM2.30! (Because of Big Mac Chant)
No inspirations for poems lately, sorry!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Big Mac Chant

"Two all beef patties,
special sauce, lettuce,
cheese, pickles, onions,
on a sesame seed bun."

Went to McDonalds at Jusco Balakong yesterday, did the Big Mac Chant within 4 seconds and got a free Big Mac! But actually I can't clearly hear what I'm saying, keep hearing "spe-sal-sos-lettuce-ci-pi-ke-onions..."
Big Mac is really big!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Exam so long, two full weeks...

Somemore every paper 2 hour plus, bore until die...

4E, maybe next week you'll see me with a sleeping mask, lol~

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Learn Vietnamese in 5 minutes

How to buy things at Vietnam

1."Guo lai" "过来" in Chinese sound - Meaning: Lady
2."Xin chao" "洗澡"in Chinese sound - Meaning: Good day
3."Pao niu" "泡妞" in Chinese sound - Meaning: How much?
4."aiyo" - Meaning: What?! (Walau!)
5."zen bu zhu"忍不住"in Chinese sound-Meaning: Too expensive

*Approximation only*

Sunday, May 11, 2008

3/4 boiled eggs

Today is Mother's Day, so I gave a try in boiling hard-boiled eggs. I downloaded a recipe on the net, follow whatever the recipe says but ended up with 5 3/4-boiled eggs! Luckily, my Teh Tarik skill is still world-class...
Jumping on the Net Socialization bandwagon, I created my new Friendster, so - Leave A Comment!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Icy Daggers

As we walked past each other
Crossing paths in parallel motion
Two icy daggers are unsheathed and met
And our hearts bled

I turned around to you
Threw my dagger on the floor
I pulled your sleeves
But you walked away
Into the abyss

You left me standing there
Immobilized hopeless
Planted into the ground
Watching you away

Every time I saw you
Your dagger pierced right through my heart
Every time I met you
The scar in my soul cries in pain

I raised my dagger up high
Memories flashing by
In a flash
My shadow fell with water sliding down

/ - - Extension - - /

What was once my starlight
Is now my black hole
Seeping all my happiness away
Memories of yesteryear seems so fake
Compared to the realities of today

I gave my hand to you
But you pushed me away
Is the thing between you and me
So hard to forget

You left me rooted there
Immobilized Disillusioned
Planted into the ground
Watching you away

Every time I saw you
Our magnet repels you away
Even with eye contacts
You blind me with your cold stares

I asked the sky
“Why it had to be me”
In a flash
Rain fell and got mixed with my hot tears

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Licence To Ponteng

I slept at 10 and woke up at 5,
Switched off the alarm clock,
Gearing up for another day...
My eyes ran past a piece of paper
What is that?
It was my MC
Then my eyes went blurred
My legs went weak
My head went blank
And I fell back to sleep
Holding my Licence to Ponteng

MC = Medical Certificate
Ponteng = skip school in malay

Friday, April 25, 2008

Parallel Days

I'm living in parallel days
Every day is the same
Dancing the same routine
Treading the same path
Gazing at the same sky
Travelling down the path of life
With no horizons
My world got bleached into
Shades of gray

" To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing."

Friday, April 11, 2008

Concerning Copying

From my experience as a Malaysian student for about 10 years now, we are often given assignments of copying texts, sentences, or even essays from Standard 1 until Form 5. Do you agree? If you agree, do you take the time to think about what are these assignments for?

In primary school, we usually do the homework given by the teachers faithfully, without questioning. But, as we grow older, we start to think about it – Why we need to copy such things? Does copying really help us? Then, slowly we realize that copying assignments are not at all helpful, instead it is a big burden for us students, with already a big pile of homework to complete. The scrooge in our heart will also scream out,” it is a total waste of pen ink!”

Copying may be originated from ancient China, according to what we have learnt in History. Ancient primary education in china focuses on identifying and learning ideogram writing, as well as copying and memorizing 9 books without understanding their meanings. Therefore, copying has become the norm for Asian education. Copying notes from objects such as History and geography, which require memory power is acceptable and unavoidable, but how about languages? Do we need to copy large bunches of sentences and essays to learn Chinese, English etc.?

The existence of a machine called the photocopy machine is sometimes oblivious to some teachers. Their excuse for not using the machine is that we don’t read the notes photocopied, but that is untrue, at least from my past experiences. I remember going through every single word on the photocopied notes that are given by the teachers, and some of my notes are disfigured with jottings, highlights and underlines. Some lazy people might not read the notes, but it’s their business! Don’t affect the productivity of us hardworking students just because of the attitudes of some people.

My role is done here. And now, it’s your opinions that matters. In your opinion, does copying helps?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

How to make Fkofong(c) Teh Tarik

Teh tarik is a special type of milk tea native to Malaysia. It can be found in the Mamak stalls, however the drink can also be homemade in just a few easy steps.

Materials: 6 tea bags (for 5 persons), condensed milk, boiled water
Apparatus: A steel jug, spoon
1. Prepare all things mentioned, then pour boiled water into the jug until it is almost full.
2. Add condensed milk into the mixture and stir it until it turns a golden-brown colour. Alternatively, you can also add the condensed milk to your taste preference.
3. If you have evaporated milk, add some into the mixture too (a tablespoon will do)
4. Leave it for 5 minutes, then enjoy!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Charm of a little town - Sg.Lembing

We went to Sg.Lembing for the Ching Ming festival. As you've learnt in Geografi and Sejarah, Sg.Lembing is home to one of the deepest mines in the world, and was a bustling town that brought riches to Malaya in the era of British colonial rule. It is also my father's hometown, and in her golden era there was an estimated 10000 people living there!
First, we scaled up the burial hill to offer prayers to my grandpa. The scenery up the hill is so nice, I snapped a few photos(on the hill, lol). Then, we walked down and crossed a 100-years-old hanging bridge. The bridge was actually destroyed by the recent flood, but the people restored the bridge. The planks and strings are new, but the metal frames are those from the British era. We also saw Father's old house in Java street, behind the house is the Lembing Hill, or in Malay they call as the Bukit Panorama.
On earlier trips, we visited the Muzium Sg.Lembing which is the residence of the General Manager of the tin mine. We also climbed Panching cave or Gua Charas, there is a Buddhist monastery inside. Based on the Travels spread in Star today, which coincidentally featured Sg.Lembing too, there is also a Rainbow Waterfall which is 13km away from the Town Square. A hot spring is 7km away, and some of the tin mines are still open for visitors there. Gunung Tapis is 35km away. We haven't visited these places yet, and I hope to do so someday.
2-day-1-night Sg.Lembing experience, who's interested?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Midnight Symphony

Night is falling, dawn creeping,
Finished my day as I goes yawning,
Indulging in comfort while tomorrow's approaching,
And all of a sudden, the strays are barking,
Another followed suit, and another, and another,
Barking out a irritating Midnight Symphony,
Long into the night without apparent ending,
And it goes way on until 5 in the morning,
My bloodshot eyes, hands trembling,
Blood pressure spiking into uncharted territory,
I grabbed a rocket launcher, and shot every dog I saw,
Until all that's left are dog calcium and protein,
Then I dozed off in the sea of dog haemoglobin,
But this is just a dream, a dream I had made,
When I finally fell asleep in 5:10 in the morning.
(and wake up at 7:15)

Calcium=bone Protein=meat haemoglobin=blood

Chrono13's Intro

Hi to everyone,

I am Chrono13 and resides somewhere in Malaysia. I think of myself as a simple being but with a complex mind and a powerful imagination, fueled by a wide variety of Japanese animation I watched. I lives a simple life, but the things that are going on in my brain isn't that simple.
As a typical Malaysian, I enjoy many kinds of food, although I can't tolerate spicy food. I also love "teh tarik" which is a kind of milk tea found in Malaysia. I like traveling too.
That's all about me!