Friday, June 23, 2017

On this day

Almost 10 years on Facebook, and the most useful feature so far they can give me is the "On this day" function. I wait for the clock to strike midnight everyday just for the sake of viewing what I did on this day, one year ago, two years ago,...

However, as I said my Facebook only goes back to 2010 at most, when I actually started using it. The days before 2010 are a black hole of time, an insurmountable darkness of hazy memories of my high school life (not that it was horrible, but I just can't remember anything apart from family trips). That is, until I found my journals from 2006 through 2010, in my old bedroom, hidden inside a cupboard from prying eyes.

These journals are national treasure to me, the most important written records of my high school existence. For some time even I religiously wrote in every day, so I can actually do an "on this day" on some years like 2007. Looking back 10 years ago I was infinitely more carefree and hopeful, the issues of those days being nothing else other than games, classes, crushes. My brother asked if I want it disposed, but I'm just glad those journals lasted so long. Reading those journals bring me back to a time, where I can smell the dampness of a sweaty secondary school, listen to voices of people I haven't met in years (almost a decade for some), and relieve my state of mind back then, a cheerful and optimistic 15-year-old.

Further back, I once had a comic series that I drew for my primary school classmates and siblings that went from 2003 through 2006. It's not a true journal per se, but the stuff I've drawn in reflected my experiences​ during that time, as well as the general Zeitgeist of those bygone days. Most importantly, 2003 is the last year I lived in my hometown of Kerteh, and reading those comics brought me back to the days where me and my family lived in a big house by the South China Sea. Beyond that, I would have to rely on memories and family picture albums, which is kind of a luxury when you live reallllllly far away from your parents' house.

This blog goes way back to 2008, and likewise I have no intention of removing anything I wrote since the early days of this blog. If you would like to be amused, it's all yours to read.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


阳光普照的大地  丛草见油绿
花瓣风中起旋律  香味起写意
面对未来会恐惧  往事绊着你
放下困忧少焦虑  轻松走下去
人生属于你自己  旁人不用理
做你喜欢的东西  让自己满意
偶尔停下叹口气  创造好回忆
素晴らしい世界  全都送给你

Monday, April 24, 2017


So, a few days ago I just received a shipment of none other than my first edition novel that I wrote in 2015, my first attempt at Nanowrimo as well as the first time I tried to write a novel. It is titled Blacktongue - interweaving historic Malaya, modern mystery, and ancient folklore all in one. An ambitious project, though the idea didn't come to mind until at most one month before the writing project started.

Well, the rough draft was churned out at the end of November 2015. It was a warm pile of dung, with some kind of a story lying underneath. It took me more than a year to get back to editing it, with some regrets. In the midst of last winter break, I finally took the first step and revisited my creation. Even then it took three months to edit the story to satisfaction, and then only by mid-April was I finally satisfied with what's would be the first edition, and bravely sent it out to print.

I printed 15 copies with intention to sell 11. By the end of the second day, 9 was booked with two already delivered. The feeling when I delivered a book is beyond indescribable, especially when they hand over the cash to me! Wow, people are actually buying this shit! Now just don't get your hopes up too high, and you won't be disappointed! Haha! Some old friends contacted me and asked for my book when I return as well, a good opportunity to visit some old friends. Simpson being the true fan bought four copies right away.

After starting one book I am certainly now itching to write another one. However, the right story has to be found - even before I can find the time for it. Nanowrimo 2016 almost had me start another novel project, but I didn't start so that hopefully I can use the idea another year. But eventually, I ditched the idea - the premise was too cliche, I was trying too hard to make it work, and to make it match some songs that I had in mind - in short, thinking about that idea became to stressful to be fun to write about. At this time, "Memento Mori" as the working title is called has been canned, with certain parts potentially reusable in future works.

With the coincidence of the APS fluids conference being on the same month as Nanowrimo I'm not so sure of doing the challenge anymore. Instead, I'll choose a month maybe during the summer when there's slightly more free time, and make my own draft-in-a-month challenge. Inspired by a few friends, a new concept has been shaping up in my head, and I'm kinda terribly excited to start it. For now, I'll share the pre-work synopsis and rough cover to start with, that's fair game to share and also this blog is just obscure enough that only the people who really wants to see it, will see it. Without further ado, I present:

After her final medical exams, Geetha Nadia Ramasamy celebrated by traveling to Jakarta... and beyond. Desperate to see the world before she gets tied down in real life, her escapades led her to experience the most beautiful of landscapes, of love; and the ugliest of man, of greed. Nevertheless, this is the world she lives in, and she loved​ it down to every single bit. 

Stay tuned for more!